Integrative Psychiatry For The Mind, Body, And Spirit

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Integrative Psychiatrist in Ellicott City, MD

Welcome To Paragon Integrative Health

Hi, I’m Dr. Nadimire Jules-Dole. I’m an integrative psychiatrist passionate about helping children, adolescents, and adults achieve optimal mental and well-being that takes into account the mind, body, and spirit.
I specialize in anxiety, mood disorders, and ADHD.

My Practice Philosophy

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines paragon as “a model of excellence or perfection”. You deserve the best and I strive to work with you to provide exceptional service that is guided by science, compassion and hope.

I am dedicated to helping those struggling with mental or emotional concerns live better lives. My goal is to create a collaborative, professional, and warm atmosphere for healing. I can help you on your journey towards improved mood, less anxiety, sharper focus, and better enjoyment and satisfaction from life.

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Integrative Psychiatrist in Ellicott City, MD


To effectively manage the outcomes of emotional problems, mental disorders and difficult periods, it is important to find a psychiatrist that will meet your needs. I use a comprehensive approach including a thorough history, collaboration with outside providers and lab testing when needed. I will educate and counsel you on treatment options which are holistic and may include:

  • Medication Management
  • Therapy
  • Mind-body techniques

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