Do you ever wonder why you get butterflies in your stomach when you are nervous? Or you feel more energized after a spiritual service? Or you feel more focused after a work-out? This is because of the connection that exists between our mind, body, and spirit. When one or more of these are out of balance, we lack harmony and are unable to be the best versions of ourselves.

Thoughts, feelings and behaviors affect how we live and interact in the world. A healthy mind is one that is able to cope effectively when faced with life challenges. Treatment modalities include medication, supplements, psychotherapy, and meditation.

A healthy body is not just the absence of disease or illness but the ability to recover and heal. A balanced and nutritious diet, adequate sleep, and regular physical activity are important components of a wellness plan. Yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, and meditation can also be used.

This is your source of energy such as inspiration, purpose, human connection, belief system, meditation, prayer, and spirituality. We will work together to determine how to best optimize this area to reclaim your joy.